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My Story

Dan Wisinski is a seasoned leader whose journey in the world of construction has been shaped by a commitment to hard work, integrity, transparency, and excellence—values that form the very essence of River Caddis Management's mission. With a diverse background and almost three decades of experience in land development across the United States, Dan is an invaluable asset to our team and our clients.


Dan's expertise encompasses a wide range of critical areas, from site due diligence to owners' representation, civil site design to geotechnical and environmental investigations. His diverse background, including soil expertise and engineering know-how, enables him to see a project from below the ground to the rooftop, providing a comprehensive perspective that ensures excellence at every level.  What truly sets Dan apart is his remarkable ability to work with people and establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships. His exceptional listening skills, coupled with his commitment to teamwork, make him an invaluable collaborator on even the most complex projects. Dan's approach makes the challenging journey from project conception to completion, and beyond, seem effortless.


Moreover, Dan's extensive experience spans North America and his involvement in program management for several public safety, municipal, industrial, petroleum, and multi-family projects has allowed him to bring his expertise to diverse communities and environments. This breadth of experience has enriched his understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by different regions, making him a versatile and adaptable leader.


Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Resource Management from Grand Valley State University and solidified his dedication to teamwork as a leader on the GVSU football team.   Furthermore, Dan has completed graduate coursework at Michigan State University in Environmental Hydrogeology. This additional expertise enhances his capability to manage projects involving intricate structures and facilities.  In addition, for the past fifteen years Dan has volunteered his personal time as a mentor for Engineers Without Borders and Engineers in Action for The University of Michigan, Duke, Virgina Tech, and Rutgers Chapters. He’s traveled and built several bridges, water treatment facilities, and other civic projects across Central and South America with these student organizations.


Dan Wisinski is more than a Vice President of Construction; he is a dedicated professional whose values and experience seamlessly align with River Caddis Management's mission. His contributions ensure that every project is a testament to excellence, innovation, and lasting value—values that have been rooted in his diverse background and experiences and continue to grow with every successfully completed project.

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