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My Story

John McGraw serves as the CO-Founder, CO-CEO & President of River Caddis Management, bringing over a decade of experience and a deep commitment to excellence in the real estate industry. His journey with the company began as a Director of Development, where he quickly distinguished himself as a leader dedicated to creating positive change in communities through thoughtful and sustainable development practices.

John's passion lies in fostering innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility within the real estate sector. He believes deeply in the transformative power of well-executed projects to enrich the lives of residents and leave a lasting legacy. Under his leadership, River Caddis Management has become known for its innovative approach to real estate development, focusing on creating spaces that not only meet current needs but also anticipate and adapt to future challenges.

John's leadership style is characterized by humility, collaboration, and a genuine concern for the well-being of those he works with and serves. He values integrity, transparency, and a strong work ethic, qualities that have earned him the trust and respect of colleagues and partners alike.

In addition to his role at River Caddis Management, John is actively involved in various professional organizations, where he shares his expertise and advocates for sustainable and equitable development practices. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts with a focus on Real Estate Development from Grand Valley State University and an MBA in Finance from Purdue University.

John is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the communities where River Caddis operates, and he looks forward to continuing to lead the company in its mission to create spaces that enrich lives and inspire futures.

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